Sweet Summertime!

It’s summer time, and what a busy summer it has been for us. We have been on two mini vacations so far. First, we went to Hershey Park where Ryan and Anaia went on every roller coaster, spinny thing, freefall, and zero-gravity ride in the park. I, on the other hand, am much to smart for all of that. We all did enjoy the water park and eating our body weight in chocolate, though.

A few weeks later, Anaia and I were asked to go to Kalahari, another ginormous water park in Pennsylvania. We went with one of Anaia’s friends and his family. We had a blast and highly recommend it. It is an indoor/outdoor water park where the indoor portion is inside a giant hotel which houses several restaurants, bars, stores, and an arcade. The decorating theme throughout is an African jungle.  The hotel is adorned with a huge imitation elephant head hanging on the wall when you walk in the hotel. At the entrance of each corridor there were near life-sized statues of various jungle animals. The kids loved climbing all over the silver back gorilla while waiting for the elevator.

While at Kalahari, I found myself in the middle of a real life mystery. After wearing my sunglasses all day, back in the hotel room, I looked in my bag for my regular glasses. They were gone! I took everything out of my bag and shook out my towel; my glasses were nowhere to be found! We looked in the car, no glasses. I emptied out my bag again, no glasses. I finally gave up hope and decided to tap into my inner Roy Orbison (if you are too young to know who he was, Google him). When I got home Ryan went through my swim bag and guess what he found? My glasses! My bag, which has a black lining, also has a black interior divider dividing the inside of the bag in half. My glasses had slipped into the back portion and I couldn’t see them. I just got over the excitement of the great-glasses-caper when I got an email from the director of the summer camp that Anaia really wanted to go to, but couldn’t because it was full. The message informed me that one of kids that enrolled in camp had dropped out and now they have room for Anaia! Talk about a hallelujah moment!

In the middle of all the busy days and excitement for the Denerley’s, Anaia chose to get baptized. She was baptized as a baby but she asked to get baptized again to show she was giving herself to the Lord. Anaia is only nine, but she’s turning into the most amazingly beautiful young lady inside and out. I’m so proud of and happy for her.

Ryan and I went through Soul Care last year. Soul care is a Christian based therapy that is a process in which a believer confesses and repents unhealthy deep rooted issues to another believer in order for the holy spirit to speak into their heart to heal and eradicate damaging patterns that interfere
With the spiritual growth and God’s purpose for their lives. It’s coming together in talking, listening and prayer with each other and the holy spirit.we use the book entitled Biblical Foundations of Freedom: Destroying Satan’s Lies with God’s Truthby Art Mathias. It teaches you how to apply biblical truths to issues that pop up that cause difficulties in every area in everyday life. Our pastor at the time is trained in it and we were having some issues in our marriage. We both brought our own personal issues in our marriage. We needed help. Soul Care definitely helped.

A few weeks ago our old pastor suggested to Ryan that he go through Soul Care training and said that I would be good in intercessory prayer.  Intercessory prayer is the other half of Soul Care. It’s praying on behalf of another person.  While the leader guides the person or couple to get to the root of the issue, another person engages in intercessory prayer away from the counseling session. Last week we began our training,  and hopefully in the future we, as a couple and a team, can help others as much as Soul Care has helped us.

I also began hosting my church’s small group in my home along with the new pastors. It is every Thursday night at 7pm if you are in the Warwick area! Everyone is welcome, young and old. So as you can see, we have been busier than a gofer on a golf course. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Glory be to God.


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