Family Life

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Ahhh…. summer

What’s been going on at the Denerley household this summer? Lots of excitement, some sadness, tons of projects…

We started the summer getting a season pass to Greenwood Lake Beach. It’s a spot in a nearby town where one can swim, grill and enjoy a small playground. All of us really love going there. Along with the good times at the lake we’ve had some sadness as well.

A few weeks ago Ryan’s grandma, and Anaias great-grandma, passed away. She was the kind of person accepting of everyone. In her long 90 years she took in and cared for her sons and grandchildren for many years. She always had a smile and a kind word, and she could most definitely bake her little New Englander housewife butt off!

Alice Denerley, you will be greatly missed by many.

Anaia also went for a week to, Son World, a vacation bible school focused on making good choices at a local church. It was based on Joshua 24:15 and set in a made-up adventure park. Anaia had a blast playing games, making crafts, and singing songs.

I also found out that I, yes little old, handicapped me, holds a state records in squat, bench, and deadlift! The record is 79.3 lbs, bench is 71.6 lbs and deadlift is 187.3 lbs. I’m continuing to train hard for my next competition in the fall or early winter

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…~Ecclesiastes 3:1

I’ve lived in the house I grew up in, the one we now call home, on and off my entire life. The curtains in the family room were older than me and, well, the entire place looked like the 60’sand the 70’s heaved all over it. A few weeks ago I was blessed enough to have Jennifer and another college friend, Robin, come for the weekend.

While Ryan took Anaia and Robin’s daughter to the lake, Jennifer and Robin went to work on my family room. We had so much fun! We went “shopping” in my basement, which is filled with amazing old furniture and unique antiques. They moved out chairs, and brought up a very cool corner cabinet that was a perfect addition to the dining room. It gave the place that old country feel I was going for.

We put slipcover on, added new throw pillows, and Jennifer, with her art and museum background, rehung my paintings so they’d be pleasing to the eye. We hung new lace curtains on new rods, rearranged the furniture, and painted a wall the most spectacular shade of blue. My family room is beautiful! It’s amazing what small changes can do to spruce up a home.

Thank you Jennifer, Robin, and Ryan for going above and beyond the call of duty to help me achieve what I envisioned. Now Ryan is sanding, taping, and priming our kitchen so it can be painted a different color. We also plan on getting new flooring. How exciting!

Not my living room but thank God I’m a country girl…. see what I did there?

Maybe that’s the secret to finding happiness? Little changes? Maybe doing something a little differently each day can reveal something within you that needs to come out. I had no idea what kind of style of decor I wanted until I got into changing it. With a ton of help from Jennifer texting me photos of different styles and me picking out what I liked, I somewhere along the line found out I loved primitive country and some country-chic.

I had no idea what those styles were at the beginning but now they make me extremely happy and calm inside. I’m finally making the house I’ve always lived in and known to be my parents’ house mine and I did it in a very simple way.

More importantly I find myself going to that room more often to do more than eat and watch television. I find myself getting up early before anyone else and thanking God for all the blessings He has put before me. I talk to Him more. I sit and just be quiet with Him more often now, trying to get closer.

That, my dears, is a very good thing.