Memorial Day

Definition: a day in which those who died in active military service are remembered.  Traditionally observed on May 30th, but now observed on the last Monday in May.

Some think this weekend is an excuse to have a cookout, drink, and gather together. It’s not. Some think Memorial Day is a “nothing” holiday because we don’t give each other gifts or decorate our houses with bright lights or hang stockings by our fireplaces.  We don’t bake cakes and put candles on them, but it’s definitely not a “nothing” holiday.

We do indeed receive a gift.

Our gift is the freedom to cookout, drink and gather, or do and think whatever we want. The thing is, the freedom we enjoy everyday came with a huge price paid by someone’s son, daughter, friend, father, or mother; Someone’s aunt, uncle, cousin, grandfather, or grandmother. They said to themselves, “let me give myself, all of me, so another can live free.”

I’m not saying you shouldn’t celebrate this weekend in whatever way you want,  just remember why you are able to. Although it’s not what Memorial Day is about, the next time you see a soldier in uniform please remember they are putting you and everyone else and this entire country above themselves. Say thank you to them. They’re willing participants in fighting for everything this country stands for. In the process, they are sacrificing, at the very least, time away from their own family and, at the very most, some day… their own life.

Please give them your respect, hold dear the liberties we have, and honor the flag.

Military personnel who gave it all are the reason for this holiday.


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