Family Life

2017 Can Blow Cookies

I’m so sick of 2017!

Best part about being sick…

Since January my daughter, Anaia, has contracted flu A (which I, in turn, got), flu B (which thank the good Lord and an entire bottle of “Airborne” I didn’t get), numerous colds (of which I got a few), strep throat…. and most recently, a rebound of strep again.

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.~  3 John 2

My coach and dear friend Jill and her family, has had numerous stomach viruses and other illnesses, which, in my estimation, should have been cause for her house to be under quarantine. Now… I’ve a sinus infection. All of this has put a wrench in my training, which has me nervous because Nationals is only a few weeks away. But God is in control and all I can do is my best and see what happens. That is exactly what I intend to do.

My husband, Ryan, by the grace of God and his busy work schedule, has escaped the clutches of the plagues descending on both our houses. Everywhere I look there’s a mess; laundry to be done, dishes to wash, a dog or a cat that wants food or to come in or go out. I’ve no energy to do any of it. Here’s where I give a very big, dare I say, mother of all “thank-yous” to Ryan for trying to hold the household together.


We love because he first loved us. ~1 John 4:19

Mowing for Jesus

I love you and greatly appreciate everything you do for us. I know you feel that you’re being pulled in every direction. Just today vacuuming and mopping the house and getting a fire call in between school bus runs. A very nice Father’s Day is definitely in store for him. He said, “It’s like you have to keep up with the Jones’ but the Jones’ are Peter Pans and of course you can’t keep up with Peter Pan!” That’s how the poor guy feels! Maybe I should give him a trip to Neverland?

Ryan said that jokingly,  but life should never be about keeping up with the Jones’. You should never feel what you have, or how your house and property looks, isn’t good enough or doesn’t fit the neighborhood. If you and your family are happy and healthy, that’s what matters.

Healthy? Oh right… we aren’t.

Peter Pan, here we come! BTW now Ryan is mowing the yard and, yes, he does mow for Jesus!


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