People are like eggs

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Nowhere in the bible does it say Eve ate an apple… just fruit. Just a bit of bible trivia for you.

Where did we, as humans, go wrong?

That question, posed to me by Linda as I sipped my coffee is how my morning began.  After 28 years of friendship, questions like that coming out of Linda are as natural as asking me to pass the creamer.  It’s a timely question though.  Facing our Holy Week we’ve seen children gassed in Syria, bombs set off in two churches in Egypt, the loss of a young man by his own hand and, yesterday, Linda witnessed just how indifferent people can be.

While driving home she came across an elderly woman lying in the middle of the road. Linda and another motorist got out of their cars to assist. Apparently the woman had tripped while crossing the street and couldn’t get up. Linda and the other motorist remained on site with the woman until help came, knowing this dangerous stretch of road and seeing how visibly shaken she was.   Their cars were blocking the road however, and, as they returned briefly to their vehicles to move them to safety (mind you there is a woman very obviously LYING in the MIDDLE of the road here) another motorist arrives on scene and, indifferent to the person lying on the pavement, starts yelling at Linda and the other gentleman to get the hell out of his way…. he had a job to get to.

What the hell was he going to do? Drive AROUND the human being LYING in the middle of the STREET? Good Samaritan he was not but then again, we don’t know his situation and are not his judge. Was he about to lose his job and he was frightened of what would happen to his family? Was he a doctor on call? Was he a jerk missing out on his AM coffee fix? We don’t know and shouldn’t assume but, no matter what….  how can priorities, his and ours, get so screwed?

So, where DID we as humans go wrong?  The short answer is Genesis 3:6.

When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.~Genesis 3:6

Hopefully you will never look at fried eggs quite the same.

The longer one is more complicated. But here’s is how I replied to Linda. Now, I’m an author whose breakfast was had over a deep question, so  pardon the analogy….

People are like fried eggs.

When you look at a fried egg you see the small, yellow yolk within the larger egg white—two circles, basically. That possibly indifferent, rushed man was the large egg white —big, broad reaching, spreading where he wished to go. Living within him, contained, stable, reliable and constant, was the yolk… or God.  That man was living his life with God firmly rooted in place and carried within him as a part of who he is… going where he goes.

That’s how a lot of people live.

Then you have people who are the yolk. They are contained and set firmly where they are, while the egg white spreads around them much bigger and farther reaching. Which direction the egg white will spread in, is unknown. They trust that they don’t control the egg white, but know, no matter what, it will encircle the yolk.   These people live their lives being carried within God knowing and understanding that they are in God’s care and will be saved by Jesus and that other people…. may not be.

See the difference?

The man made his life bigger and father reaching than God’s will, choosing to live his life with God a small part of his circle. Others choose to know they are a constant and reliable part of God’s love, keeping their personal priorities much smaller than the bigger circle of God’s will. These people would rather live with all their problems, joys, and stresses a small part of their daily life and drop everything to make God’s love and faith a bigger part of the picture.

Linda and I work every day to be egg yolks. To keep our priorities inline with our personal journeys back to Christ.  And it’s not easy. Sometimes we get scrambled and it’s a matter of talking things out with another brother or sister in Christ to set our priorities straight again and understand this big, sometimes confusing walk called faith. The yolk of an egg is easily broken causing a mess of stuff to spread all over the place. When our personal priorities spread and grow beyond the reach of God’s will, that’s where sin, temptation and indifference will take over.

So think of that as you dye Easter eggs this week or when you next fry up your breakfast.

Priorities matter.


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