I need to hear from you…

Today I made a personal  record  in my strict  curl!

keep-calm-and-testify-7Thirty pounds for four reps. Thirty pounds might  not  seem a lot, but compared  to where  I started  from it’s a huge improvement.  When I started  curling I wasn’t even  able  to  lift an empty  13 pound  bar, and had to tie my  left arm to my side because  it winged out making curling  impossible.  Turning my left hand over is extremely  difficult. My cerebral palsy has caused limited movement in my left hand and its ability to grasp items. It’s also fused my left elbow,  makes curling  difficult  and painful.

Today, a little  over a year since I began  powerlifting,  I curled 30 pounds  without  being  tied up. Wahoo!! I not only  made my muscles  stronger, I have better range of motion  as well.   With this excitement in mind, I encourage everyone to widen your prospective  on yourself.  Don’t  judge  yourself by what others can do, or even  what they find easy  to  do.  Judge  yourself on how far you as an individual  have come.

Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul.~Psalm 66:16

I want to…. actually, I need to, hear from all of you about how far you’ve come… in anything. We’re in a world where we don’t celebrate each other often enough.  Especially today, in the wake of fear and pain  as terrorism strikes another country, let’s leave some hope behind.   I’ve a “Testimony” page.  Please leave a comment here and share a something about your personal best, or a victory you’ve had. It will be added to the Testimony page so encouragement can be spread in what tiny ways we can.

One ripple can created a wave, so lets celebrate a our inner power….


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